UI/UX Artist | Indie game developer

Curriculum Vitae

About me

I’m a French UI/UX Designer, Indie game Developper, Graphist, based in Annecy, France.
I am currently working at the video game company Ubisoft since 4 years, as a UI Designer.
I worked on a lot of impressives games, like , Steep, Riders Republic, and also Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, after a great experience in MontrĂ©al.
Being also an independent video game developer for over 10 years, I built a very solid experience in various areas such as Game Design, Level Design, Art direction, and Pixel Art graphics.

After 5 years of intensive development, I was able to sell my first video game on Steam and Nintendo Switch, Inexistence, wich has been a critical and commercial success.
This experience has allowed me to fulfil my dream ; working for a big video game company.
I was able to use my skills in a professional environment while learning numerous aspects of game development, surrounded by talented people whom I worked with at Ubisoft.

I am always looking for challenge and creativity, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a position available for me.